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We create stories of love, laughter & commitment

to last a lifetime. All that we seek is to capture a story,

your unique story. We are not just Photographers.

We are Storytellers.

Dear Bride & Groom,


It is often unsaid as a tradition how weddings are supposed to be.

The big entrance,the family invitation,all the right decorations, but apart from all that, I can tell you one simple thing, on how weddings are absolutely supposed to be. It's supposed to be the happiest moment of your life.

It is the milestone for couples that have taken commitment, time & effort,preseverance for the love that you have for each other.

And often left unsaid, even when the time has gone too long, let it be remembered, not about who came to your wedding, or how the decor was that night, but how if feels at the happiest moment of your life.

My name is Nishant Shah. I'm here to help you document your love, your journey & the happiest moment of your life, the way you know it & want to remember it.


I've always loved photography.It is so important to photograph often,so that we can have memories for a lifetime & generations to come.I like to connect with emotions and stories which apparently, brought me into covering the wedding & engagement sessions

- Nishant Shah, Founder


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Every Detail Matters.

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