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                                                                                                        Hello. Hi. Namaste.

We are glad that you somehow landed here on our tiny little planet while getting lost in the vast internet universe.

Tasveer By Nishant Shah was set up in one of the evenings of 2016 fall. With an idea in our heads,we began to brainstorm ideas & started our journey.

I did start it alone but now what I have is a beautiful team who strives to offer our clients the best of their memories. 

Doing this as a profession is an incredible honor.Given this trust by our couples means the world to us. If we were to capture your wedding, please know that we do not want to mold your story into a false narrative to fit a standard wedding template. We wish to craft a unique & honest story that preserves the memories of one of the most important days of your lives.

Real moments, Pure Emotions, Timeless memories. Absolutely You.

Why Weddings, You May Ask?


It’s because I love the emotions involved in this event.On wedding days, people are falling in love, parents are letting go and couples are moving to the next phase of their lives. There’s a lot of emotion involved, from tears of happiness, fun and grand celebrations, or even the intimate and warm weddings, far more emotions in a day than any other day.

Plus, there will be a lot of unexpected moments that probably won’t happen twice in life.

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